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Photographs versus Fine Art Photographs

What is the difference between a fine art photograph and a regular photograph? Typically it is a photo that is aesthetically pleasing and/or that moves you. 

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Print Your Important Digital Images

What is one of the most prized possessions for most people? For many it is their family photographs. I recently read a blog post by Rob Pike about how most digital images today are not printed. He talks about how important it is to print the images you care about. Quoting from his post:

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Group f.64

We, like most artists, started our journey of learning photography by photographing in the style of those who inspired us. Of course, like all artists in all mediums and genres, at some point we needed to break away from our "teachers" and find our own vision.

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Town of Ghosts

Town of Ghosts

Colin Rich created an excellent time-lapse video of the gold-mining ghost town of Bodie, California, titled Town of Ghosts.

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