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J Street Still Motion

This image is of traffic at the corner of J and 21st Streets in Sacramento, CA. It was made by compositing 200 images from a longer time-lapse sequence. We will be providing a tutorial on the technique soon. Sign-up for our mail list to stay tuned.

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Hornitos, California Town Tour

We recently visited Hornitos, a small gold rush era town located on county road J-16 in Mariposa County, Hornitos has largely been bypassed by the modern world. There are no gas stations, fast food outlets, or shopping centers.

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John A. Snowshoe Thompson, legendary Mailman of the Sierra

Can you imagine doing this twice a month during the winter? Travel 90 miles from Placerville, California to Genoa, Nevada; crossing the Sierra Nevada mountains carrying a bag between 50 to 100 pounds in weight strapped to your back.

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Mrs. E. Trabucco Store, Bear Valley

In the southern part of the Mother Lode region lies Bear Valley, a once busy mining town 12 miles northwest of Mariposa on Highway 49. It was headquarters for John C. Fremont's gold mining empire in the mid-1850s. At its peak, approximately 3000 people lived here. 

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Crane Detail, Knight Foundry In Patterns Exhibit

We are pleased to announce that our image "Crane detail, Knight Foundry" was juried into the Patterns exhibition at Exhibitons Without Walls.

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Passing Through

Passing Through - Time-lapse

We recently happened upon this interesting time-lapse.

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Nevada City’s Historic Red Castle Inn has Closed

Built in 1860, the Red Castle is Nevada City’s earliest surviving brick home. The four story Gothic Revival mansion, located on Prospect Hill, overlooks Nevada City. A near ruin in the mid-twentieth century, it was restored in 1963. 

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Chew Kee Store - A Chinese remnant of 19th century California

The California gold rush was an international event attracting gold seekers from around the world. The first large wave of Chinese immigrants to the United States came during the gold rush. Many towns had a “Chinatown,” a section where the Chinese lived and had their businesses.

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Gold Rush Era Stone Corral

This historic stone corral, located a few miles southwest of Jamestown, is probably familiar to those who’ve traveled Highway 108 between Oakdale and Sonora. We’ve traveled past this corral many times on photo trips to the central Mother Lode region.

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Kentucky Mine - A Step Back In Time

When the topic of California's hard rock gold mining comes up, most people think of the large mines, such as the Empire Mine in Grass Valley, or the Argonaut and Kennedy Mines in Jackson. Actually, there were many small, independently owned, hard rock gold mines.

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