Old Gas Pump Abstract, Darwin CA

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This abstract "still motion" image is of the circa 1926 Boyle-Dayton Vizo Model 83 gas pump located in Darwin, California. The pump was manually operated to fill the glass container up to 10 gallons. Once the top glass section was filled the gasoline was gravity fed to the car. The top half of the image is of the glass container while the lower part is the rest of the pump. The greenery is a plant that is now surrounding and overgrowing the pump. The blue area is sky.

The pump on the right side of the building in the image below was the subject of the still motion. It is quite rare these days to find original pumps such as these with the glass intact.

Darwin, California is located southeast of Owens Lake off of Highway 190. Approximately 40 -50 people reside there.



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