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Dancing On A Cloud (April 15, 2020)
Instrumental: Light, good-time EDM

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George Aiello is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter and sound designer.

Having grown up playing in bands since the mid-1960's George was exposed early on to a wide variety of music genres and styles resulting in a rather eclectic range of influences. While he continues to write and produce songs, his primary focus is now on composing instrumentals intended for film, television, and video that combine hybrid orchestral and synth elements along with live instrument performances for use by production libraries, music supervisors, and editors.

He enjoys integrating sound design and drones with thematic and melodic overlays. Where possible, the sound design and drones are specifically produced in the same key as the thematic elements making it easier for editors to work with components that are "in-tune". In addition to full compositions, the music is available as custom mixes, stems, and variations depending on the requirements of the film, production, or scene.

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