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Meet The Aiellos

Having started their lives together in high school you would be correct in referring to them as the proverbial "high school sweethearts". As a husband and wife creative team they have been collaborating for over 40 years. They began their photography career as a form of self-expression in the early 1970s. Influenced by the West Coast "school" of photography, the majority of their work through 2010 was created using a view camera. As early adopters of creative technology they began scanning their 4x5 images and processing them in 1990 using Adobe Photoshop, version 1. While the quality did not support fine photographic prints, the images could be used for various displays and offset printing. As DSLR cameras improved the Aiellos migrated from film to digital image capture and processing. Of particular interest is capturing motion and long sequences of time within a still image.


All of their work is a true collaboration. It has been from the beginning including their commercial work. From subject selection, to composition, to camera settings, to post production and printing they collaborate on each image from beginning to end.


Starting in the mid-1980s, and continuing for about 10 years, the Aiellos operated a successful architectural photography business in the San Francisco Bay Area..  Clients included architects, interior designers, and many custom and production home builders. As a result their images appeared in many publications and other printed media. Their clients won countless architectural and home building awards using their photographs as the basis for their entries. The experience provided many benefits in addition to earning a living. Jo Ann notes, "It forced us to really learn how to see the "real" subject, rather than make photographs based on a first impression". 


Jo Ann and George live in Roseville, California. Both have been actively involved with Viewpoint Photographic Art Center in Sacramento, California for many years, where George previously served as a past president and sat on the Board of Directors. They continue being active in the photographic community hosting a series of "photographic expeditions" and workshops.

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