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Meet The Aiellos

Jo Ann and George Aiello began their more than 40 year collaboration in Northern California. Now residing in Henderson, Nevada, this husband and wife photographic team specializes in photographic art for art consultants and interior designers serving the corporate, healthcare, residential, & hospitality markets. 


The Aiellos are self taught yet highly disciplined photographers. They began their careers following in the footsteps of the great photographers of the American West. In their early years they quickly gained a reputation and following for their extensive large format work of the California Gold Rush area which continues to this day. Their work can be found in public and private collections throughout California including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Sacramento, California.


Using the skills gained with view cameras they also had a successful career as architectural photographers. They rapidly became known for they’re stunning use of composition, perspective, and dramatic lighting. While their work was extensively used in advertising and marketing, it also earned their architect, home builder, and interior designer clients many prestigious industry awards. 


More recently, the Aiellos have been sharing their knowledge and skills with other photographers by leading workshops and photographic expeditions throughout California, Oregon, and Nevada. They have also been active in the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, of Sacramento, California where George served as president and board member for several years.


The Aiellos are now focused on a new venture that draws on their many years of collaborative experience and vision — creating visually stunning photographic wall art for art consultants and interior designers. Whether creating images outdoors or in their studio, they are motivated by their passion for the beauty, style, and the inspiration they find in the natural world, particularly botanicals and landscapes of the West. 

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

As photographers we strive to create beautiful, evocative, and inspiring images to enrich the lives of those that view them. Our approach is to interpret  the essence of each subject through the combination of light, shadow, form, and texture – plus imagination. The resulting image is not always realistic or literal, yet within its borders appears perfectly natural.


After 40 years of working together, our mission continues to be to grow, refine, explore, and share the possibilities of the photographic image. We believe that beauty, creativity, and inspiration are essential ingredients of our photographic art. When these three elements are combined into one cohesive vision, it just may be possible for us to create something truly special.


Whether we’re working with you on corporate, hospitality, healthcare, or residential projects, our goal is make sure every image will evoke joy and wonder from its audience.


In collaboration with you, we aspire to create unforgettable spaces that are both functional and beautiful. 


Want to know who we are? We are Aiello Studios. We love what we do. 

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