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Print Types, Sizing, and Finishing 

Note: Free image samples are available to in-the-trade customers for client presentations and design boards.

Image samples are printed on 8-1/2 x 11 high-quality inkjet paper.
Use the Request A Quote & Samples form to order.


At Aiello Studios, we take pride in crafting each of our prints to your exact specifications. We offer a variety of Print Types, each designed to help you choose the perfect options for your client's installation. Simply click on a Print Type name below for more information, including information on sizes, substrates, and finishing choices.


A few points to keep in mind when specifying images:​

  • Most images can be cropped to fit any aspect ratio and finished size, with the exception of Classic Fine Art Prints.

  • If you prefer to manage your production in-house or collaborate with a fabricator or your own lab , it's no issue for us. We're more than willing to work with you and/or your chosen partners by providing high-resolution files. Check out our Licensing Information page for details and to request a license quote. 

  • Not quite sure which Print Type or finish is the perfect fit for your installation? Don't worry, reach out to us! We're here to help. Feel free to get in touch, and we'd be delighted to chat about your needs and walk you through the advantages and considerations of each option.


Click Print Type titles to reveal information

Not sure which Print Type to select? Contact Us.

  • Acrylic Prints
    This vibrant and stunning print on Fujiflex Crystal Archive photographic paper is impeccably face-mounted onto 1/4" polished plexiglass, providing a seamless blend of artistry and sophistication. Immerse yourself in the brilliance of these prints, featuring an ultra-smooth high gloss surface with a warmer base tone and extra-rich colors. This medium's depth and dimensional quality defy adequate description, demanding to be witnessed firsthand to grasp its magnificence fully. The magic lies in how Fujiflex Crystal Archive Prints interact with light, creating an extraordinary play of brilliance. Paired with the clarity of acrylic, these prints impart a heightened sense of color realism, inviting the viewer to step into a world where every hue comes to life. Elevate your client's surroundings with a touch of unparalleled quality and visual splendor. Sizes: Any/Every Size From 8x8 to 43x96, including custom sizes Surfaces: Fujiflex Crystal Archive Finishes: Traditional Glossy Acrylic (recommended) or Non-Glare Acrylic for areas where reflection is an issue Acrylic: 1/4" (standard) and 1/8" Thicknesses Backing: DiBond or White Paper Backing Hanging Hardware: French Cleat, Stainless Posts, or none - ready for framing
  • Classic Fine Art Prints
    Introducing our meticulously crafted fine art prints. Carefully produced on Canson Platine Fibre Rag paper using a state-of-the-art large-format inkjet printer, each print embodies precision and attention to detail. The choice of Canson Platine Fibre Rag paper, combined with premium archival inks, ensures that every image boasts smooth tones and rich, vibrant colors. Each fine-art print comes signed on the back. A registered hologram-enabled Certificate of Authenticity is included. Each image has white borders to provide you with the utmost flexibility for matting and framing. Delivered unmounted in a tube. This allows you to curate your space with a touch of personalization, ensuring that your chosen image seamlessly integrates into your unique aesthetic. Experience the intersection of art, collectability, and flexibility with Aiello Studios' fine-art archival inkjet prints. Classic Fine Art Prints are available in 3 sizes. 12 x 18 with 3/4" borders (10.5 x 16.5 image area) 16 x 24 with 1" borders (14 x 22 image area) 20 x 30 with 1" borders (18 x 28 image area)
  • High Definition Crystal Archive Prints
    Elevate your space with this premium frame-ready print — a stunning piece crafted with care and precision. Immerse yourself in the vivid clarity of our HD Fuji Crystal Archive silver halide print, meticulously finished and flush-mounted on high-quality aluminum composite (ACM). What sets this piece apart is the exquisite touch of luxury, boasting an extra thick high gloss laminate. The combination enhances protection and adds a mesmerizing luminosity, turning your chosen image into a captivating visual symphony. Transform your surroundings with this fusion of cutting-edge technology and artistic finesse with a finished image that transcends traditional aesthetics. It's more than a print; it's a statement, a testament to the artistry and dedication Jo Ann and George Aiello bring to every image Sizes: From 8x8" to 45x93", including custom sizes Surface: Fujiflex Crystal Archive with High Gloss or Satin Finish Resolution: Up to 610dpi Resolution Substrate: Aluminum Composite (ACM) Display Options: Inset Metal Frame, Float Frame, or none for frame-ready
  • Fine Art Canvas
    A contemporary way to display your images, with or without a frame. Our canvas prints are available unmounted and ready for your own fabrication or framing service. We also provide them completely finished, wrapped, framed, and anywhere between. Our canvas prints are printed directly onto fine art canvas material. We then finish the print as desired, including wrapped around an artist's stretcher frame and finishing with your choice of hanging hardware. They are also available as Wall Clusters and Splits. Sizes: From8x8" to 42x92*, including Custom Sizes Loose canvas up to 48x152" Canvas board, stretch, gallery wrap up to 40x60" Types: Premium Fine Art Canvas Borders: 5 Border Styles Stretcher Bar Depths: 3/4", 1½", or 2½" Float Frames: 12 Mouldings Hanging Hardware: Sawtooth, Wire, or None
  • Metal Prints
    Discover the distinctive allure of our Metal Prints, a unique artistic medium that breathes life into your images with vibrant colors and exceptional detail. Crafted from specially coated aluminum, these prints boast not only durability but also a near-magical luminescence that brings your photographs to life. The scratch-resistant surface ensures longevity, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor display. However, we recommend avoiding direct sunlight to preserve the brilliance of your metal masterpiece. Elevate your client's spaces with the captivating fusion of innovation and craftsmanship offered by Aiello Studios' Metal Prints. Sizes: Any/Every Size From 8x8" to 48x96", including Custom Sizes Surfaces: High Gloss, Mid-Gloss, Satin. Available but not recommended without consultation: Sheer Glossy, Sheer Satin, & Textured Wall Display Options: Float Mount Hanger, Custom Framing, Exhibit Mount, Acrylic Face, Stainless Posts, Wall Clusters & Splits, and More Table Display Options: Metal Easel Back, Wood Easel, Bamboo Stand, or Acrylic Stand Corner Treatments: 1/8" Rounded, 3/16" Rounded, Scalloped, & Sharp Square
  • Standard Photographic and Ink Jet Papers
    We offer a diverse selection of photographic and fine art inkjet papers at Aiello Studios, tailored to meet your unique display requirements and budget considerations. This provides a fantastic and cost-effective avenue to preserve the excellence of high-quality prints, with considerations given to the inherent limitations of the chosen materials such as reflectiveness, paper base color, contrast, texture, and tonal range. Rest assured, the same unwavering attention to detail applied to all our print orders is extended to this array of fine art inkjet papers. Your confidence in receiving prints of the highest quality is our commitment. We're always delighted to engage in discussions. So, contact us today for personalized guidance or simply to discuss the best print options for your project,. Elevate your artistic endeavors with Aiello Studios, where your vision meets a spectrum of possibilities in print production.
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