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Licensing Information

Non-Exclusive Limited Usage Licenses (available to commercial clients only)

If you prefer to make prints yourself for your client, a Limited Usage License is the way to go. When you license an image we provide you with a print-ready digital file that you can then print, or have printed, yourself. 

When you license an image from Aiello Studios we grant you the right to use the image or images per the terms of the license. The purpose of the license agreement is to protect you, your client, and us from future misunderstandings.

The license will specify the:

  • image or images that are being licensed

  • specific use, size, quantity, etc. for each image

  • limitations on making derivative works

  • duration of the license

  • license cost and payment terms

It is important to understand that we retain the copyright so you can only use the image files as defined per the terms of the license agreement.

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