Land of Glittering Dreams

This gallery shows a small sample of images from our project titled, The Land of Glittering Dreams, which focuses on interpreting subjects relating to the California gold rush and gold mining. 

In learning about gold rush history, we were intrigued by the lifestyle that developed during the time. Participants in the California gold rush were involved in a process of social and cultural change that reshaped the way people lived and thought about personal independence and individual achievement. They took risks and gambled on the future in ways they hadn't done before. The gold rush set the stage for the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes California to this day. 

In our images we attempt to portray not the reality of what is, but a sense of what was. Creating a photograph that somehow interprets and captures that feeling is often the inspiration for our image making.

The project title, “The Land of Glittering Dreams,” is drawn from a letter written by Martin Rodney, a gold miner in 1852.

… T’is true a California life is not one of pleasure, but to the contrary one of fatigue, toil and privation. Which I presume ere this time you are aware of, …

I have never regretted the moment I left Missouri and were I there again I would not remain there long. But I would launch my bark for the Land of Glittering Dreams. …

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